How do I enroll to the VIP Preferred™ E-Check service?

To enroll in Global Payments’ VIP Preferred™ E-Check service, login to your Caesars Casino account, click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘Deposit.’ Click on the button labeled ‘Enroll’ next to the ‘E Check’ option.

You will be required to provide the following details in order to complete the enrollment process:

  • Driver’s License Issuing Country
  • Driver’s License ID Number
  • Driver’s License Expiry Date
  • Driver’s License Issuing State
  • Bank Account Number (number in the middle at the bottom of your check) and Bank Routing Number (leftmost number at the bottom of your check).
    • Click here to learn how to add additional accounts to your VIP Preferred™ program.

If approved and successfully enrolled, you will be assigned a seven-day revolving deposit limit. Your limit
will be honored as long as you do not exceed your assigned limit and your account remains in good standing. Note: Your VIP Preferred™ limit is based on your bank account standing and previous deposit history; it is independent of any responsible gaming limits that you may have setup on your account. Your Responsible Gaming limit will supersede any limits provided to you by Global Payments via the VIP Preferred™ program.

For more information about Global Payments VIP Preferred™ click here.