What is Strong Authentication?

Strong Authentication is an option that adds an extra level of security to your account by making sure you can only log into your CaesarsCasino.com account by entering a code during the “login” process. This code will be provided to you via SMS text every time you try and log into your account.

o   This process only works if you have an US phone number. 

To enable this security measure, log in to your account and click My Account and select Login Details.

Click Strong Authentication, select the radio button next to Use Strong Authentication, enter your mobile phone number and press Continue.

A 4 digit code will be sent to the mobile number provided. Enter the number provided via text into the appropriate boxes and click Continue.


Click on Continue to confirm the update.

If the change is successful you will receive a confirmation.

  • Please be advised, in order to change your password (if you choose to do so) you will need to have Strong Authentication enabled.

If at any time you would like to disable Strong Authentication follow the steps above but instead of clicking the radio button next to ‘Use Strong Authentication,’ click the radio button next to ‘Don’t use Strong Authentication.’